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Your party will begin with a round of mini golf which takes approximately 45 minutes. We ask that one parent supervise each group of 4-5 children while on the course. Your party area will be ready and food will be served when your group has finished their game. Birthday cake and presents follow. 1 hour time limit for party area. Please allow 2 hours for your entire party at Timber Creek.


Timber Creek will provide:

  • All of the items in the package including plates for the hot dog/pizza

  • Knife to cut the cake

  • Matches for the candles

  • (Reminder, you are responsible to bring your own cake, candles, plates and cutlery for the cake)



  • Have your guests arrive on time... golf will start 10 minutes after your booking time

  • Have adequate adult supervision (1 adult / 4-5 children).  You must supervise all party guests at all times... Timber Creek does not provide a party host

  • Bring your own cake, candles, plates and cutlery for the cake

  • Bring your own fruit, vegetable tray, bowl of chips

  • Bring a ball or game to play outside should extra time permit



  • Don't expect the party room when you arrive - it will be provided after golf

  • Don't bring any outside food or drink other than a fruit /vegetable tray

  • Don't bring additional guests that were not booked (Reminder: parties exceeding 20 guests are booked on our private patio... additional fee applies)


Weather / Rain:

  • We are an outdoor facility, please have your guests dress for the weather that day

  • We remain open and try our best to work your party around the weather

  • Some activities do not operate in all weather conditions (rain, extreme heat, lightening, high winds, etc...)

  • Should you cancel due to weather, you only lose your deposit fee

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