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COVID-19 Information

Mini Golf:

  • Only Paying Customers Permitted on Mini Golf Courses - To limit number of persons on courses.

  • No reservations - Spacing will be implemented at arrival.

  • Maintain social distance throughout game if not from the same household.

  • Maintain 2 m distance from all other public while on the course. This means you do not advance to the next hole until the group ahead have all advanced to the other end of the hole.

  • Maximum group size of 4 (Exceptions for families of 5 provided they can maintain pace of play).

  • Maintain pace of play: Maximum playing time 60 minutes. This keeps the game moving for those waiting to play. You are expected to keep up to groups in front and not hold up groups behind. This creates a one way flow with all groups keeping social distance.

  • Masks are optional but recommended until you start your game and are a safe distance from all other patrons. If you need to leave the course to use the washroom and will be passing other patrons, masks are mandatory as you pass by other patrons. Masks are also mandatory when you leave the course and return to general public areas.

  • To achieve one way flow, we ask that you use the amenities prior to the start of your game.

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