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How to Plan Your Party...

Step 1: Choose Your Birthday Party Package

Step 2: Choose Your Patio Rental

Step 3: Choose Your Add-Ons - Optional 

Step 4: Review Our Terms and Conditions and FAQs


10:00 AM, 10:30AM, 11:00AM & 5:00PM

(Booked in 2.5 hour blocks)



We provide some basic birthday party packages listed below. However, a more customizable experience is available through our add-on services and activities. 


Bundle 1 


Game of mini golf on the Logging Camp course. 


$8.50 Per Child


Bundle 2 


Game of Mini golf on the Logging Camp course


 Gemstone Mining Experience - Pay Dirt Collection 

$16.50 per Child


Bundle 3


Game of mini golf on the Logging Camp course


Ice cream sundae bar. 

$17.00 per Child 


Patio Rental

Dedicated patio space with partial cover for your party is based on the number of guests you have. Below are our rental rates:


15 - 25 PEOPLE                $150

25 - 40 PEOPLE                $200

40 - 50 PEOPLE                $250

50 - 60 PEOPLE                $300

Rates are based on a two-and-a-half-hour rental with access to set up half an hour before. Patio Location and rates depend on total group size, which includes all children and adults. *Larger groups may require more time as it will take longer to go through a game of mini golf; this may incur an added charge. 

Add on Options

1 / Gemstone Mining 

Great for kids of all ages. This activity happens during the last 15-20 min of the party as it makes for a fun departing gift.

Pay Dirt Collection                                                                 $8.00

Lucky Strike Collection                                                          $10.00

2 / Ice Cream 

A kiddie scoop of ice cream served in a cup.                     $4.50

3 / Sundae Bar

Kiddie scoop of ice cream served in a cup. Choice of 3 toppings & chocolate syrup. 


4 / Novelty Golf Balls 

Each guest gets to choose from a wide veriety of custom painted golf balls. Makes for a perfect loot bag item.


5 / Jumbo Hot Dogs

A jumbo hot dog for each guest.  


6 / Extra Patio Time 

If you would like to reserve more dedicated time on the patio, you can do so in advance. Last minute requests cannot be granted as another group may be using the space afterwards.

                                                                  $50 per half hour 

7 / Batting Cage Tokens 

One token per person, each token is 15 pitches. Recomended for parties with baseball experince. Helmats are required, you can bring your own or rent on for $2.50 per helmat.The cages do not operate in wet weather.

                                                                                                 $3.00 per token

Food Options

Prepared food is allowed for your party (no cooking or BBQs on site). You can bring your own platters and beverages, or you can order hot foods like pizza to be delivered on-site. We have a few food vendors who deliver to the facility regularly (you will need to make all the arrangements for this):

Pizzaville           416-736-3636 (Stouffville location)

Pizza Nova         416-439-0000 (Stouffville location)

Pizza Pizza          416-967-1111 (Stouffville location)

  • We Also Offer jumbo hot dogs on-site. This can be added to your party in advance (see the add-on tab above for pricing)

  • Instead of a cake, you can add on the Sundae Bar, which is well-received by kids of all ages, and a fun activity where they can add their toppings. We'll supply everything for your peace of mind!

  • If you are providing your food, please be kind to the environment and try to bring compostable plates, cutlery, and napkins. You will also be responsible for providing all service ware and anything needed to service your meal, snack and/or cake. Don't forget to bring candles and a lighter for your cake!


1 / When will the party play mini golf? 

The game begins at the start of the party for a full 18 holes, which takes approximately 45 min to play. You will not gain access to the mini golf course again after you have completed playing. 

2 / Will we be able to take a break from mini golf and go back on at a later time during our allocated booking time?

No, the game of mini-golf must be completed in one go. Please make sure all the children have used the washroom before heading out for your game as there are no in/out privileges. 

3 / Do we have freezer access? 

No. Please refrain from bringing items that require a freezer. 

4 / De we have refrigerator access? 

Yes, we have a standard size refrigerator you may use for your own drinks, fruit and veggie trays.

5 / When do we get access to set up?

Half an hour before your start time.

6 / What happens if it rains? 

We are an outdoor venue. All activities are outdoors and the party areas are outdoor patio spaces. Keep this in mind when planning your party weather can be a factor (heat, rain, cooler temperatures during the spring and fall). Children 6 years and older fare well with these varying weather conditions provided they come prepared for the weather of the day. The benefit of a not-so-perfect weather day is the facility is quieter making it feel like more of a private party.

7 / Can we stay longer than our booked time slot?

Yes, you can definitely stay and enjoy our other activities, but the party space is only booked for the allocated time.

8 / Are we allowed to provide additional entertainment on-site?

No. As we are still open to the public, we do not allow any music to be played, or any other activities on-site such as face painters, balloon artists, clowns, etc.

9 / Is there an option to play The Shipwreck course for parties? 

We book all parties on the Logging Camp course as it is considered our more child-friendly and shaded course. Playing on the Logging Camp course moves at a predictable pace, which maximizes your time at your party space.

10 / Can we come and see the space?

We do encourage you to come and visit, especially if you have never been here before, but would ask that you understand we may not be able to show you around during our busy times (usually between 2-5 PM and on weekends) as we may not have the staff available to show you around. Please give us a call beforehand and we can let you know when would be a good time to come.

11 / Will you hold the date for us? 

Dates will be placed on hold in a queuing order on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you are first on hold, you will have 48 hours to pay the prepayment to confirm the booking, otherwise, it will be released to the next party on hold. Once a date and time are no longer available, we will reach out to you to let you know and see if there is another date you have in mind. 

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